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Max Andersson is a member of the European Parliament since 2014 and is primarily active in the Legal Committee (JURI) and the Constitutional Committee (AFCO). He is one of the two conveners for the Green Group´s IT Policy Working Group "Digital Working Group" and the "Working Group Robotics" in the European Parliament. He is profiled in the IT- and privacy policy, climate change issues, issues of international trade agreements as well as EU criticism. He has, together with Jan Philipp Albrecht, Julia Reda, , Michel Reimon and Terry Reintke written the Green Policy Paper on Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

He was a member of the Swedish parliament between 2006 and 2010 and was mainly engaged in the Foreign Affairs Committee and EU Affairs.

He is one of the members of the Swedish Green Party executive since 2008, whereof in the working committee between 2012 and 2014. He has a background as a spokesperson for Green Students, being head of the Green youth union election campaign in the 2003 referendum, and was a member of the government investigation for the 2011 electoral committee.

Max Andersson has a degree in molecular biology, has been politically active in a municipality in the Västra Götaland region. He lives in Gothenburg at the moment, and has probably read more science fiction literature than any other active Swedish politician.


Other speakers in this session

Michelle Sheather

She is the International Development Coordinator for the Australian Greens.

Terry Reintke

Terry Reintke is a Member of the European Parliament, elected 2014 at the age of 27 which makes her the youngest female MEP.

Linnéa Engström

Linnéa Engström is a Green MEP from Sweden. She is a first vice chair of the fisheries committee, substitute member in committees ENVI and FEMM. Political scientist with a great interest in Russia, development, gender and security policy.

Anita Nautiyal

Anita Nautiyal, science graduate, educationist, Co Founder of Ananda Vatika Green GurukulamAVGG since August 2016, has established a Green School – Ananda Vatika Green Gurukulam – at Madan Negi in Tehri Garhwal of Uttarakhand.

Veronica Juzgado

Sociologist. She is one of the conveners of the Global Greens Women's Network and the former Global Greens Coordinator. Passionate about the idea of the consolidation of a worldwide green movement.

Michiel van de Kasteelen

Studied International Law, International Organisations and International Relations at Leyden University.

Andrew Kroglund

Andrew Kroglund is international secretary of the Norwegian Green Party. He has worked as a director or senior adviser in several Norwegian NGOs, and has been the Vice President of the International Rainforest Foundation. He is currently an author and consultant.

Efi Xanthou
  • Efi Xanthou, 2nd Vice President, Cyprus Green Party.
  • Political Scientist, MBA (Master in Business Administration) graduate.
  • Cyprus Green Party delegate to various EGP Congress and Council meetings since 2001.
Ciarán Cuffe

Ciarán is a Green Party councillor in Dublin’s North Inner City, and chairs Dublin City Council's Transport Committee. He has served as a member of parliament, and as Minister of State with responsibility for climate change, planning and sustainable transport and travel.

Jeremy Burke

Jeremy Burke is a world leader in green investment and green financing institutions. He is an Australian Greens member, living in London.

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