Aimee Challenor

Aimee Challenor is the Equalities (LGBTIQA+) Spokesperson for the Green Party of England and Wales. She is also the Interim Co-Convener of the Global Greens LGBT+ Network. In the UK she has lead campaigns to support LGBTIQA+ Asylum Seekers, support trans rights, and make spaces more inclusive.

Anne Marie Bihirabake

- A Burundian woman old of 49 years

- Gender specialist and international consultant

Pekka Haavisto

Pekka Haavisto, is an MP in Finland, President of European Institute of Peace, former President candidate in Finland and now running for 2018 as well, European Union Special Representative in Sudan and Darfur and as a Special Advisor for the UN in Darfur peace process.

Matilde Bajan

Ms. Matilde Baján is Guatemalan of Mayan-Kaqchikel indigenous origin; and she is the Leader of the Green Movement of Guatemala (Movimiento Verde de Guatemala).

Flor de Maria Hurtado

Vice President of the Green Alternative Party of Peru, elected as Councilor - Green Regent of the Province of Maynas 2003-2006, Advisor to the Presidency of the National Environment Council 2006-2007, elected as Metropolitan Accessorist of Lima 2011, Executive Director of the Institute De Ecologí

Alice Bah Kuhnke

Alice Bah Kuhnke holds the position as Minister for Culture and Democracy in the Swedish Government since October 2014. She belongs to the Green Party. Ms Bah Kuhnke has a BA in Political Science from Stockholm University and holds several diplomas in leadership.

Per Johansson

PhD, Human Ecology; BA, History of Science. Formerly senior lecturer and researcher at Lund university. Since 2007 independent researcher, consultant, writer, speaker. Co-founder of Infontology, a small think tank studying the social and cultural impact of digital technologies.

David Westsson

David Westsson is Representative of the Swedish Greens in the Netherlands.

Jean Rossiaud

Jean Rossiaud from the French and Swiss Greens running for the French parliament in the district of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Karine Daudicourt

Karine Daudicourt from the French greens in Northern Europe.

Timur Delahaye

Timur is spokesperson for the French Greens in Northern Europe.

Andy Wightman

Andy Wightman was elected as an Member of Scottish Parliament in May 2016. He is a member of the Economy, Jobs & Fair Work Committee and the Local Government & Communities Committee in Parliament. He is a respected writer and campaigner on land rights, democracy and the economy.


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