Bodil Valero

Bodil Valero has been politically active in the Swedish Green Party since 1994.

Bahram Zandi

Co-chair, Green Party US, Delegate to FPVA and Global Greens.

David Jay Morris

David Jay Morris serves as the Co-Press Officer of the St Helens Chapter of the Green Party of England and Wales and is a long-time supporter of progressive causes and opponent of authoritarianism in all its forms.

Greg Barber

As leader of the Greens in the Victorian Parliament, Greg Barber was instrumental in the ban on unconventional gas and fracking which was achieved in 2016.

Boris Sandov

Bulgaria was the second country in the world to ban fracking back in 2012 after a monumental campaign in which Boris played an important role.

Ali Amara

Ali Amara is the leader of the Algerian Green Party, set up in 2012 following legal reforms which opened up the sphere for political parties.

Tina Rothery

In 2016 Tina was awarded life membership from GPEW in recognition of her bravery in standing up to the fracking industry on the ground and in the courts.

Ioana Banach

Ioana Banach is Programme Manager at the Green European Foundation.

Tom Crompton

Tom Crompton worked on values and social change for nearly a decade.

Tim Hollo

Tim Hollo is a highly respected environmentalist and musician, having worked for organisations including the Australian Greens, Greenpeace, 350.org and others, as well as performing in venues from Woodford Folk Festival to New York's Carnegie Hall.

Gösta Lyngå

Born and raised in Malmö, Sweden

Philippe Lamberts

Philippe Lamberts was born in 1963 in Brussels,Belgium. He studied Engineering in applied mathematics, at the Catholic University of Louvain. From 1987 to 2009, he worked at IBM in a variety of positions, predominantly managing business with industrial and retail clients.


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