Anne Marie Bihirabake

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Anne Marie Bihirabake (born 19- 09- 1968), Agronomist Engineer with a master degree in Gender, is a Burundian pationate with social justice and women participation. She is co-leader of the Burundi green movement and leader of Eastern African Geen Federation. She believes that women constitue an important ressource on which the developement of countries is built. Also, she strongly believes that the lack of Education is one of the main sources of violence that faced our countries. She therefore played a big role to advocate for girls education, focusing on retention and reintegration of girls at school, thanking advantage of the position she had as ActionAid International in Burundi Policy and Advocacy Coordinater and other Civil Society organisations.

Unfortunately, women still have a very small space for political participation. She is one of the Burundian women who played a lot to empower women for political participation.

The lack of self confidence and above all the ignorance of the requirements of Eligibility to vote or to be elected. Taking advantage of working with the Peace and Governance office of the UN integrated Bureau for Peace Keeping in Burundi, she contribute a lot in 2010, to help women to gather the requirements of election campaign in terms of capacity, documents required and spaces in political parties. In 2010, she has been elected to represent greens Women at African level until 2014.

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