Global Greens Women's Network: strategic planning (GGWN)

Organiser(s)Merja Kähkönen & Eva Goës

When: Saturday, 1 April 2016

Time4:30 - 7:30 

Room: 11C (95 pax)

Target group: The whole Global Greens Women's Network (GGWN) & interested individuals

Objectives: To establish the GGWN's strategy between now and the next Congress

Decision to be taken:

  1. Decide about the organisation of the network (two proposals here)
  2. Elect the people
  3. Choose a host party (draft definition)
  4. Formulate and adopt an action plan until next Congress (Action plan 2017 - 2022)
  5. Discuss and decide about the role of the Coordinator, if it’s possible to employ one

To be done in advance:

  1. Draft an organisational model to be proposed to the meeting (two proposals here)
  2. Formulate a call for the elected positions
  3. Define the host party, to send a call for one
  4. Formulate a proposal for an action plan (spring 2017) (Action plan 2017 - 2022)
  5. Clarify from Green Forum the possibility to employ a Coordinator (ongoing email exchange)

Session Outline:

  1. Introduction to the session (10 min)
  2. Adoption of the proposed organisational structure (15 min) 
  3. Elections (30 min)
    3.1. Coordination
         • Presentations of candidates
         • vote
    3.2. Host party
         • Presentations of candidates
         • vote
  4. Adoption of Action Plan (30 min)
  5. Other business: (to discuss/ to do)