Andree Frieze

I joined the Green Party in 2012 and immediately became an an active member, holding posts as social media and events officer. I ran in the 2014 council elections in Richmond borough, coming third after the Conservatives and LibDems in the ward.

Tommy Sheppard

Tommy Sheppard MP was elected as the SNP MP for Edinburgh East in May 2015. Prior to this Tommy ran the Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh which he started as a hobby and turned into a successful business. However Tommy has a longstanding, active political background.

Neal Lawson

Neal is Chair of the good society pressure group Compass and was author of All Consuming (Penguin, 2009) and co-editor of The Progressive Century (Palgrave, 2001).

Eamon Ryan

Eamon Ryan is party leader of Comhaontas Glas (Ireland) and was first elected to Dáil Éireann in 2002.

Arne Jungjohann

Arne Jungjohann is an energy analyst and political scientist. He advises foundations, think tanks, and civil society in communication and strategy building for climate and energy policy.

Marta Loja Neves

Marta Loja Neves studied Political Science and Humanitarian Action in Belgium. In 1999, she was part of the East-Timorese delegation to the former United Nations Human Rights Commission (Geneva).

Sara Parkin

During the 1970s & 80s Sara Parkin helped to nurture Green Parties around the world, including the start of the ‘European Green Coordination’ where she served as Co-secretary from 1985 to 1990 publishing Green Parties: An international guide in 1989.

Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson is professor of marine biology and the Director of the International Marine Litter Research Unit at Plymouth University.

Louise Edge

Louise Edge is the Senior Oceans Campaigner at Greenpeace UK, where she has worked for nearly 20 years. During this period she has led the organisation's European campaigning efforts and worked across a number of other areas, including communications and disarmament.

Nina Springle

Nina Springle is a Member of the Victorian Parliament in Australia and the Victorian Greens spokesperson on waste management, women, children and families, youth justice and multicultural affairs.

Margrete Auken

Margrete Auken is a Danish politician and a Member of both the European Parliament and Denmark's Socialistisk Folkeparti, part of the European Green Party. In 2015 Margrete led work within the EU to develop binding targets for member states to substantially reduce their use of plastic bags.

Tove Engvall
  • Political interest; global challenges and global landscape, empowerment
  • Political task: Member of the Board of Education in Härnösand
  • Works as a lecturer in Archives and information Science at Mid Sweden University


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