Ward Mosmuller

Ward Mosmuller currently supports/advises MB & BGs on strategic issues and represents DSM in the EU. He is cofounder of the PPP Bio-Based Industries Ward studied Molecular Sciences at Wageningen University and holds a PhD-degree in Bioorganic Chemistry.

Matthias Buck

Matthias Buck leads the EU energy policy work of Agora since September 2015.

Per Bolund

Per Bolund has a master’s degree in biology from Stockholm University and the University of Stirling, Scotland. He has furthermore pursued two years of doctoral studies at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences at Stockholm University.

Jens Siegert

Jens Siegert is a publicist and special advisor to the Memorial Society Currently he leads the EU funded project „Public Diplomacy. EU and Russia“ at the Goethe-Institut in Moscow.

Liz Kennedy

Liz Kennedy is the Director of Democracy and Government Reform at American Progress. Previously, she served as counsel and campaign strategist at Demos, working on voting rights, money in politics, and corporate accountability.

Ernest Kolly

Ernest Kolly (Solomon Islands) is the President of the Greens in the Solomon Islands and representative to the Asia Pacific Greens Federation. You can read more of Ernest's work here:

Judith Giblin

Judith Giblin (Fiji) is a youth representative of the Green Party of Fiji and a technical assistant at the Geoscience Division of Pacific Community (SPC), one of the leading organisations in the Pacific that provide scientific and technical aid to improve the livelihood of Pacific communities.

Mohamed Fares

Mohamed Fares (Morocco) is the leader of the Green party of Morocco (Parti de la Gauche Verte Maroc), and has particular experience in coastal development and pollution.

Roger Proudfoot

Roger Proudfoot (UK) is an expert in sustainable ocean management, and currently serves as a Parish Councillor for the Orton Waterville Parish Council and chair of the Environment Group representing the interests of local residents and driving forward environmental improvements for people and wil

Elisabeth Whitebread

Elisabeth Whitebread (UK) is a conservationist and campaigner with particular expertise in marine reserves, NGO campaigning, ocean plastics and communicating about ocean issues. Elisabeth will be the moderator for this session.

Alejandro San Martín

Alejandro San Martín is engineer and Chilean politician, and board member of the Chilean Green Party Partido Ecologista Verde. He graduated as a Metallurgical Civil Engineer from the University of Concepción, and has a master’s degree in Environment from the University of Santiago.

Hélène Ryckmans

Hélène Ryckmans is MP for the ECOLO party in the parliaments of Wallonia, of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, and the federal Senate since 2014.


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